Thursday, September 3, 2009

Food for Thought

While driving to work this morning (listening to Nickelback - If Today was Your Last Day) I was overcome with emotion as I realized how precious life is and how we should all most definitely preserve our presence here on earth with photographs of ourselves and our loved ones. I lost my father in a house fire when I was only 9 years old and would give ANYTHING to have pictures of him and even more importantly pictures of ME with him! I can think of only 2 photos that I even have of him and they are just snapshots, and while they are most precious to me I would LOVE to have many many more of special moments and even everyday moments. I also reflected on the fact that I was always the one taking pictures of everyone and there aren't as many pictures of me with my own children and I decided that was going to change!!!

Everyone PLEASE realize that a photograph is priceless and if you are always the one behind the camera then just hand it over to someone because someday you will treasure those photos of you with your parents, your kids, your family and friends.

Visit my website to see beautiful samples of family portraits - one of my most favorite types of portraits to take. I love to capture families outdoors, in a location of their choice, and will be offering a wonderful Fall Family Portrait Special in October (just in time for beautiful weather).


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