Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Decor

It always amazes me how fast time flies every year once school starts!  Add to this a major change like a move and BAM... its already almost the Holidays!!!! I didn't get to go all out for Halloween this year, I left behind some decorations that were just to worn out to keep for a new home.  Here is the extent of my Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations this year - I generally start with some Fall colors and add a few Halloween related pieces which will be taken down on November 1, leaving just the Fall/Thanksgiving items.

It will be fun this year to actually give out candy (I think....) - it has been quite awhile since we lived in a neighborhood!  Morgi is 13 this year and still wants to Trick or Treat with her cousins, it may not be much longer that she actually wants to do that (sniff, sniff)!

Gina Hickman
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