Sunday, October 31, 2010

There's a Weiner in my Bed! and Pet Photo Tips

Daisy is simply the best weiner dog in the World! Have I mentioned that lately??? Hopefully you won't get tired of hearing about her because she really is such a joy and makes myself, and my DH, laugh every single day!  If you know anything about dachshunds, you know that they are cold natured and love to snuggle up in blankets and specifically, in your bed between two warm bodies!  I'm not saying she sleeps with us every night, but it's pretty frequent, LOL! Even when we get up in the morning, after she goes outside for a quick potty break, she wants back up in the warm bed...even after I make the bed!  Well yesterday Mr. H left very early (5:30am on a Saturday???) with son Keaton for a quick overnight boys 4-wheeling trip to a new place they haven't been yet called Mud Buddy's.  I went ahead and got up too and made us some delicious coffee with my beloved Keurig single cup, and went about my day.  I started looking for Daisy some time later and pretty much knew she had to be in my bed!  So I went in there, camera in hand, to see if I could "catch her".  Below are some of my attempts as I walked into the room (facing the windows) and you will see that they are just not lit very well (images 1, 2, 3).  So I moved her to the other side of the bed, directly in front of the windows, and shot from a couple different angles (images 4-8).  Now doesn't that make a huge difference?  My camera is on manual, on the very same settings for both groups of images.  No flash at all, just window light (Camera set on Manual, ISO 800, F2.8, 1/60, 50mm lens).  I just love image 4 - she looks so sweet! I know if she was human she would look at image 6 and say "Mom - this is so unflattering, I have 3 chins!!!"  I guess even dogs have a bad side!  Image 7 is her "OK I'm so done taking pictures face"!  

My pet photo tips of the day:
1) move around and try different angles - if you look at your image and it's not what you were looking for, change your angle.  Get down at their level, move around!
2) look at how the light is falling on your subject and particularly if you can see the "catchlights" in the eyes then you know the lighting is great! (Catchlights are the little squares of light you see in Daisy's eyes - you can see them very clearly in image 4.  These are from the light coming through the windows and falling on her perfectly.)

I'm submitting this as my Mosaic Monday post at the Little Red House blog - check out all the weekly cool mosaic posts from readers everywhere!

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Jenny said...

She is adorable. I think my husband would understand all the camera speak....I'm one of those boring old point 'n' shoot kinda gals.

Daisy is adorable!

Dishesdone said...

Daisy is a sweetheart! How adorable! You got such great shots of her!

Wendy said...

Great tips! I have a dog that hates to have her picture taken. I swear everytime she see me pointing the camera at her she runs the other way!

Anja said...

I like the little fellower on your mosaic, pets are the souls in our homes.

Snap said...

Daisy is a cutie! I never tire of hearing about furbabies!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Great shots of your furbaby...I have a couple who are spoiled rotten also...but one who turns her head and leaves when I get the camera out!!! The other one just grins...Thanks for the tips!!! I love your photos!!!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Hi Gina...So nice to meet another GRIT...Girl Raised In Texas...Yep, I'm one too and that's alot of what my Blog..CollectInTexas Gal is about. We seem to have lots in common...I have two Wieners name Dolly and Ruby and I love photography...altho, I'm not a Professional...just a Picture Taker. Thanks for the PetPhoto Tips...Dolly and Ruby like their picture taken. I'm a new Follower and look forward to seeing more of your Blog...Sue

Gina said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! I'm pretty new to blogging, but can see that it could certainly be addicting! I may have to put myself on a timer once I start reading or I could blog surf all day!

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