Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Add Marshmallows!

M is for Marshmallows, of course!  

For Miss Jenny's Alphabet Thursday fun, I thought I'd share our "8 Easy Steps for Perfect Microwave Smores".  

1 helpful hint, don't try to use the chocolate baking squares that I have shown here, we actually had to cut them in half, they were too tall! I will use Hershey's Miniatures next time. Oh, I should also add here that they only go in the microwave for 10 SECONDS!

 The girls had fun making them but I think I had more fun getting the pictures!

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tracy said...

LOVE this recipe - I will try it for my girls - thank you!

Teresa said...

So much fun! and messy!

Red Couch Recipes said...

Much easier than building a fire and roasting them. Joni

Stef said...

Step 9 is totally my favorite.

Sue said...

Cool to know this!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the special container you used to make them.

Jenny said...

I love this!

I'm actually planning a s'mores buffet for a little party I'm doing tomorrow night. I found all kinds of fun things and I'll set it up out by a bonfire in the backyard!

Bring your camera.

Bring your beautiful girls.

Bring your s'more loving self and join us!

What a magical link to Alphabe-Thursday this week.

This really made me smile.


Jenny said...

PS. I've never seen that microwave gadget before. My Grands would adore that!

mub said...

I'm pretty sure I need that gizmo! I've never seen them before.

Gina said...

I asked the girls and they said their Grandma ordered them from QVC Shopping Channel :)

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